Adoption Process

1. View our available dogs online.

2. Complete the online application. We will respond within 48 hours.

3. Brown Dog will schedule a time for the whole family to meet the dog. If you have other dogs, we also want to make sure that the dogs will get along.

4. Once a successful match has been made, the final step is to complete the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee (check payable to Brown Dog Coalition and Rescue Limited).



Adoption Fees

Adoption fees are used to cover age appropriate vaccinations, de-worming, vetting, microchip, transport, spay/neuter, and, per MA law, a minimum 48 hours of quarantine after transport. If the dog is not old enough at the time of transport to be spayed or neutered, we require an addition $100 deposit (refundable) and will arrange for their surgery once they are old enough.

Under 1 year Adults Seniors (7 and up)
Dogs $475 $475 $250
Cats $250 $150 $75

Background on the Adoption Process

Brown Dog works with several shelters in Alabama. These shelters get many stray, sick, and unwanted dogs each day and without the assistance of rescue groups like ours, many of the dogs would be euthanized. With the help of local partners, we select dogs with well-rounded temperaments and good health to bring to Massachusetts. We also sponsor dogs or puppies who need special medical care – they’ll be treated  in Alabama and get a clean bill of health before heading north. All of our selected dogs are required to be out of the shelter and in foster homes for a minimum of two weeks prior to their trip to help guarantee they’re both physically and mentally healthy before taking the trip north.

Their trip north consists of two days in a transport vehicle and then two days in quarantine at a MA approved facility.  Currently, we pick the dogs up from quarantine on Tuesday morning and host an adoption day in the afternoon and evening. We only schedule meetings with one approved adopter per dog, and we prioritize adopters who are ready to adopt that same day in order to minimize the need for temporary homes.

An approved adoption application is required to come to the adoption day event and a successful meeting is required for an adoption. If any dogs don’t get adopted, we have loving fosters who can provide them with short-term homes.

We generally bring in transports every two or three weeks.  We post the dogs for the upcoming transport approximately two weeks in advance. If you don’t see any dogs that are a good fit at the current time, check back on Wednesdays for the next group!