Throw us a bone! Donate to help more Brown Dogs!

At Brown Dog, we’re committed to helping the injured, unwanted, and overlooked dogs receive the medical care they need and the loving homes they deserve. We are foster-based and volunteer-run, so your donation goes directly to saving lives. Together, we have saved over 900 animals, and over a third of those have needed special medical care. Your donation gives the gift of hope to another animal in need.

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If you would like to make a tribute, please include the type of tribute (in honor of, in memory of, for the birthday of), the tribute's name (human or canine) and mailing address in the comment section of your online donation or as a separate note with your mailed-in donation. We will be sure to contact them and let them know about your thoughtful and heartfelt donation.

How your donation makes a direct impact:


Iron Dog Bone: $20
Helps save the life of a dog in an overcrowded shelter.


Bronze Dog Tag: $100
Pays for high quality puppy food, milk formula and puppy pads for our nursery foster homes.

Silver Tennis Ball: $250
Pays for a necessary veterinary visit and preventative care against fleas, ticks and heartworms.


Golden Dog Bowl: $500
Pays for lifesaving treatment for ailments like parvovirus, heartworm and open wounds.


Platinum Animal Angel: $1000
Pays for lifesaving surgery for gunshot wounds, injured legs or emergency c-sections.