What if, instead of trying to empty the shelter, we could prevent it from getting full? 

Brown Dog is launching a new initiative: Spay it Forward. We’ve been rescuing dogs off of euthanasia lists for 3 years, and now we’re ready for phase two—treating the root cause of pet overpopulation. We’re talking about a spay/neuter program for our southern partner shelter.

The growth of unwanted animals who end up in the shelter system is exponential. Fifty percent of all litters are unplanned and unspayed dogs/cats can have 20 offspring a year. We love puppies and kittens, but this is too much of a good thing. We’ve seen people carrying litters of puppies into the shelter, dogs no longer wanted because they got pregnant, 6-month-old puppies found with their first litter, and it has to stop.

The solution: Spay it Forward. Spaying and neutering is a proactive step in animal rescue. We can’t continue to treat the symptoms of overpopulation without also addressing the underlying cause. We’ll always rescue dogs in need, but spay/neuter is how we will create real change for future generations, thus spaying it forward.

We’re partnering with Florence Lauderdale Animal Services to provide free spay/neuter surgeries for animals in their community. The shelter will facilitate the clinic once a week and 100% of donations will go towards the cost of surgery. Our goal is to spay/neuter 150 animals—potentially preventing thousands of unwanted animals from entering their shelter.

Each surgery costs about $75, but every $5, $25, $50 makes a difference. Can you help?