Rescued  May 26, 2016. Adopted July 27, 2016.

While vacationing in Punta Cana, the Bucciero family found a mom and eight puppies on the beach. Working with a local rescue and Brown Dog Coalition, they were able to transport the dogs to Massachusetts where the mom and one of the puppies was adopted by the family and the seven puppies found homes through Brown Dog. 

“He is continuing to steal our hearts” 

— Kaite


Rescued June 12, 2013. Adopted November 3, 2014.

Montego Bay Animal Haven received a call about a dog left tied up on a public path above the town of Montego Bay. Our beautiful Jess lost her right eye due to the abuse she suffered. At MBAH, Jess recovered from her trauma, gained weight and her eye healed. Even though she had suffered in the past, it did not dampen her trust and love of people. She loves to jump and play with people and give kisses. 

“Jess is doing great. She loves chasing us in the yard and sleeps touching us.” 

— Paul and Nelda


Little Chef

Rescued January 22, 2014. Adopted October 25, 2014.

Little Chef was rescued as a stray by a premiere chef from Tri-All Resort -hence the name.  He was surrendered to MBAH because he was living in staff accommodation. When he was brought to MBAH he was full of mange and very skinny. While at MBAH his mange healed, his coat grew back full and healthy and he gained weight. Little Chef is cute as a button and loves his new home outside of Boston, MA.

“He has been an amazing addition to our family and continues to bring joy and love into our lives. I don't know how we lived without our baby boy.” 



Rescued November 30, 2013. Adopted July 4, 2014.

A wonderful woman rescued Howard after finding him emaciated and scared on the side of Howard Cooke Boulevard. He was a starving little stray puppy, who was also dehydrated. Once surrendered to MBAH he was put on fluids for 48 hours. Howard is a true Jamaican: a very laid back, cool dude. 

“We can't imagine life without him. He is an amazing dog and we're lucky to have him!” 

 Eileen and Eric


Rescued November, 2014. Adopted January 17, 2015.

Katrina was found with her mother, Stormy, and her four litter mates: Sandy, Ivan and Gilbert. She was brought to Boston with her litter but unfortunately Stormy remains in Jamaica as she is being treated for heart worm. Katrina is such a sweet girl and will benefit exponentially from living with a loving family as a puppy. 

“She is the best puppy ever. She is smart, snuggly, alert, and loving.” 

— Jen, Kyle, Eva and Ben



Rescued August 25, 2014. Adopted November 2, 2014.

Montego Bay Animal Haven was called to rescue Sparky as he had suffered what appeared to be a machete wound at the base of his tail. His wounds were treated and he healed at MBAH. Sparky was adopted by the in- laws of the adopters of Little Chef (now Cooper). Sparky is in an amazing forever home that allows him to see his best bud Chef.

“He is full of life and loves that he frequently hangs out with his Jamaican buddy, Cooper (formerly Chef)” 

— Rosalie

Wanda and Katie

Rescued October 19, 2013. Wanda adopted June 8, 2014. Katie adopted September 5, 2014.

Wanda was found on the beach in Malvern, JA protecting her puppies. After being brought to MBAH by Chantel and Annabelle, Wanda was given the nutrition she needed to support her litter. All of Wanda's puppies were been adopted but Katie. Wanda and Katie were brought to Boston and live with in great forever homes. Katie was adopted into a family with two dachshunds and Wanda was adopted by a family of first-time dog owners. 

“It was a perfect match.” 

— Louise (Wanda's adopter)


Rescued August, 2013. Adopted April 24, 2015.

Maggie was brought to the Haven as a tiny puppy. She was suffering from a rat bite on her right shoulder that was infected with maggots, hence her name Maggie. She has healed well and grown to be a happy, energetic girl. Maggie was adopted by a wonderful family where she will be able to to play and cuddle in her forever home. 


Rescued June 7, 2014. Adopted April 18, 2015.

Vinnie was rescued by the Haven after being hit by a car.  His leg was too infected to be saved, but he has adapted well to being a tripod. Vinnie was adopted by a couple who he loves to cuddle with in his forever home. His family has also renamed him Monty after Montego Bay. 


“P.S. he's a lap dog!” 

— Charine