Many of the dogs at Montego Bay Animal Haven have never lived in a home or walked on a leash. Each dog who comes to the U.S. has been evaluated for temperament including resource guarding, reactivity to other dogs, body handling, etc.

Some dogs do not pass the evaluation because they are too shy and unfamiliar with things like homes and leashes.

We are looking for foster homes in the Boston area to socialize dogs and get them ready for adoption.


Are you flying from Montego Bay to Boston?  If so, you can help by transporting a puppy in a soft-sided carrier as carry-on luggage.  

  • Tammy Browne, the head of the Montego Bay Animal Haven, meets you at Sangster airport with the puppy at a previously arranged time. You are given everything you and the puppy / dog needs for the journey: paperwork, pee pads, pick-up information, etc. Tammy assists you with the check-in so there is no added stress to your departure. 

  • If you are couriering a puppy, the carrier, similar to normal carry-on luggage, will go on the floor by your feet,
    not in the overhead lockers. So make sure you don't book a front row or an exit row seat!

If you are interested in fostering or transporting email