Adoption Days

To meet with potential adopters and find loving forever homes for the dogs


To provide dogs with a higher adoption rate and the opportunity to find a forever home


To fund transports of shelter dogs and support spay/neuter clinics

Service Trips

To volunteer at shelters and clinics, and evaluate candidates for transport 

The Situation: There are too many stray dogs in the world.

If you have ever visited somewhere with a large stray dog population you have seen the "Brown Dog". Though they may be smiling as they pant at your feet, you are able to count their ribs, feel their patchy coat and notice a limp as they greet you. Dogs are often unwanted or forgotten and abandoned to live hard lives as strays, and because many of these dogs are not spayed/neutered the population is growing exponentially. Many of these dogs have suffered from abuse, neglect and car accidents.

Our Mission: To help these dogs.

To evaluate, transport, and rehome companion animals to approved rescues and adopters. To assist homeless animals with their medical care, spay/neuter, and general welfare and in general give dogs and cats a higher chance of being adopted into appropriate homes. To promote the adoption of homeless animals and encourage spay and neuter through education and life saving programs.