Brown Dog Coalition is a team of animal lovers whose mission is to help animals find forever homes.

Naomi Covino, President

Naomi retired in 2013 from a software company and began her philanthropic effort to help dogs. She formalized her work by founding the non-profit, Brown Dog Coalition, in June of 2015. She has coordinated and lead every service trip and transport that have given over 300 dogs and 4 cats forever homes. She lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts with her husband and a brown dog of her very own named Libby who was rescued in Indiana. Naomi is a persistent leader who tirelessly pursues her mission.

Annie Covino, Assistant Director

Annie became fixated on helping dogs after seeing Lady and the Tramp at a very young and impressionable age. She has had a hand in everything from outreach to fundraising to coordinating adoption days. She is a jack of all trades with a specialty in dog-petting. Annie looks forward to the day when she will be able to provide a forever home for a shelter dog. 

Katie Covino, Creative Director

Katie memorized the encyclopedia of dog breeds when she was 10. She now lives in NYC and is excited to adopt a dog of her own one day.