Our Mission: To help these dogs.

To evaluate, transport, and rehome companion animals to approved rescues and adopters. To assist homeless animals with their medical care, spay/neuter, and general welfare and in general give dogs and cats a higher chance of being adopted into appropriate homes. To promote the adoption of homeless animals and encourage spay and neuter through education and life saving programs. 

Naomi Covino, President

Naomi retired in 2013 from a software company and began her philanthropic effort to help dogs. She formalized her work by founding the non-profit, Brown Dog Coalition, in June of 2015. She has coordinated and lead every service trip and transport that have given over 300 dogs and 4 cats forever homes. She lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts with her husband and a brown dog of her very own named Libby who was rescued in Indiana. Naomi is a persistent leader who tirelessly pursues her mission.

Annie Covino, Assistant Director

Annie became fixated on helping dogs after seeing Lady and the Tramp at a very young and impressionable age. She has had a hand in everything from marketing to outreach to coordinating adoption days. She is a jack of all trades with a specialty in dog-petting. Annie adopted her sidekick, Freckle, in July 2017 and they have been inseparable since. 

Katie Covino, Creative Director

Katie memorized the encyclopedia of dog breeds when she was 10. She now lives in NYC and is excited to adopt a dog of her own one day.