Thank you for your interest in fostering a Brown Dog!

Brown Dog Coalition's foster program is the core of our rescue.  Without fosters, we would not be able to help animals in need. Fostering is a very rewarding experience that helps save animals' lives. Please complete each section of the application and provide as much detailed information as possible.  We will respond within 48 hours of submitting your application.  The application does not guarantee you a foster dog. 

Brown Dog Coalition provides starter food, crates (on loan), and collars, and is responsible for all pre-approved veterinary care. We are currently looking for fosters for puppies and adult dogs that have been pre-screened for temperament!


Foster FAQ:

Do I get to choose my foster dog? While we will take preference into consideration, we cannot guarantee a certain dog will need foster. We do our best to match dogs that need foster with our available foster homes.

Do I provide food? As a foster parent/family, you are asked to provide food, water, shelter, daily exercise and love to your foster dogs. 

How long do I keep the dog?  General time frame can be from a few days to three weeks.

What if I work full time?  We are looking for people who have time on their hands, work from home, or are home a good part of the day. 

Do I need to train the dog?  You can indicate on your application what degree of training you are willing to do.  Some dogs need house training, leash training, and can benefit from learning basic commands.  Other dogs may already be fully trained.

Do I meet with adopters?  It can be arranged that adopters can come to your house or you can bring the dog to Brown Dog in Hopkinton.  If the adopters come to your house, a Brown Dog representative will also be there for the meeting. 

What do I need to prepare for the dog? You can borrow any equipment that you need from Brown Dog or use your own.  This includes crate, gate, bed, leash, food, bags, and toys.

How long is my commitment for?  Every two weeks we ask who is available to foster.  If you are not available at that time, that’s fine.

What if I live far from Hopkinton?  Any distance is fine as long as you are willing to drive to Hopkinton for pick up and adoption meetings.  Occasionally, adoption meeting can be arranged at your house if that is your preference.