How each dogs finds their way to a forever home

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We work with trusted southern animal shelters that screen for dogs with well-rounded temperaments. These shelters get many unwanted dogs each day and without the assistance of rescue groups like ours, many of the dogs would be euthanized. We have taken puppies, adults, seniors, mothers and litters. We have also committed to medical treatment for dogs in need of heartworm treatment, dogs that have been hit by cars and need amputations, and dogs in need of general medical attention.


Initial intake: Every dog is evaluated by the shelter staff and tested for tick-borne illnesses (heartworm, ehrlichiosis, lyme and anaplasmosis) with a 4Dx test. Treatment begins immediately for any infections or diseases that a dog has tested positive for. Once a dog is healthy enough they begin the age appropriate distemper (DHLPP) vaccinations, are de-wormed, given flea/tick medication, micro-chipped and spayed/neutered.

Foster: Every dog spends a minimum of two weeks in a foster home where they are able to escape the stress of a kennel setting. Fosters are able to give us a more individualized assessment of each dog and what they may be like in a home. At this time, each dog is posted online and we begin accepting adoption applications.

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Transport: After an Alabama veterinarian examination, each dog is given a health certificate to travel. Dogs travel to the quarantine facility in a transport van.

Quarantine: Due to MA state law, dogs are quarantined for 48 hours before being seen by a veterinarian and cleared for adoption. 


Adoption: Dogs are brought to Naomi’s home to meet with potential adopters. We set up one appointment per dog so that there isn’t any in-person competition.

Foster: If a dog is not adopted at an adoption event, they go to a foster home. At this point, dogs will meet with potential adopters by appointment.