"Callie is doing great! She continues to work on her puppy manners but is a total smarty and picks up new 'tricks' in no time! She loves the beach (and rolling in the sand!), she loves all humans and insists that we stop to greet every puppy we come across on our walks! She's adjusted to city life really well and is a favorite at the dog shop across the street that we frequent regularly for nail clippings, baths and treats! We're so so in love with her! In our eyes- she's the perfect pup!"

Photo by  Lauren Dobish

Photo by Lauren Dobish


"Teddy is just fabulous! Gained 2 lbs since he's been here. He loves everyone, and every animal and insect he comes across. He's a joy to have around!! Such a good boy! Thanks again for bringing us all together!"


"We are all so in love with Rufus! He’s loving pup daycare while we’re at work, but even better is his serious snuggle game when we’re working from home. We started puppy play ‘n learn classes and he interacts so well with the other dogs - he’s just the best."


"Jovi is such an integral member of our family that It seems like this has been her home for far longer. She is a little ray of sunshine and we adore her. She is a very chill pup - even the mailman has commented on it - and very well-behaved. Thanks again for bringing Jovi into our home."


"Mel is doing great! He has grown so much and with each day it feels like he is getting even bigger. Mel graduated 'Puppy K' and we are also signing him up for a 'Good Manners' training. Mel even made a  special appearance in our wedding photos!"